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How to use a compass

Orienteering. I just had to Google that word to make sure I was using it correctly. It involves reading a map and using numbers, in the woods on unknown paths. Yeah. My brain is missing the neurons it… Read More

Learning how to stop

We played this crazy game as kids. We would stand on the edge of the cul de sac with our toes in the grass, fling our arms wide with abandon, tip our faces skyward and spin around and around as fast as we could go.  It’s been… Read More

Where do you think you are going in those shoes?

Twenty- one years ago this week, I met the boy who would become my husband. On a blind date. While wearing tennis shoes. Yeah. I was a real fashionista. And as my sweet husband relishes in reminding me, it was… Read More

When you want to pray for greener grass

I have a lot of friends who are traveling right now.  I am hiding behind the closed bathroom door returning some texts when I realize this. “Will you pray?” my screen full of messages asks me. Friends headed off on mission trips,… Read More

New Year. New Word. Come and see.

I have worn glasses since high school and that Human Phys. class where the teacher perplexed me with all of his blurry diagrams on the chalk board. I thought it was just me. Science isn’t really my thing. But, it turns out that being able to… Read More

Why I need a word for this New Year

2016 is down to its last few hours. And some folks are quite happy about this, according to my Facebook newsfeed. The death, destruction and chaos that have dominated the news cycles lately seem to have everyone running headlong into 2017 with the… Read More

On Christmas Eve — the final piece in our Advent series

It’s looking a lot like this around here today. Christmas Eve and I can’t even find my desk. There are still gifts to be wrapped and children whining about not having anything to do (are you kidding me?)…. Read More

Seeking Peace — the second in our Advent series

The second Sunday in Advent blows in cold and rainy here in the South. And it seems that the sun never quite wakes up as we gather in the sanctuary; cold rain beating hard on the roof and near darkness… Read More

A prayer on this Election Day

Here’s the prayer that’s been on repeat in my heart about this day. Lord, today is the day.  Today is the day that “we the people of this great nation” get to decide who will lead us. Today is the day.

Who’s in charge around here anyway?

Fall has arrived in the South, y’all!  And I am so thankful for the crisp air that whistles through the open windows in my office and helps with the usual pervading smell of all things boy. I have peaceful visions of quietly getting some work done while the… Read More