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On being thankful for our people

I was eleven when I first met her; right at the beginning of that braces, bad hair and awkward shyness phase. I was a student and she was the principal. My goal was to never have to talk to her.  Ever…. Read More

On being a friend and having a friend

There is no greater gift in life than the gift of a friend. I was six when I first got this. Six years old, and ridiculously shy. Friends were not my thing. I struggled to navigate school without actually having to talk… Read More

So this is May

** I’ve been writing in this space for a year now! And it is strange how much has changed in the past 365 days. Probably true for you as well? This post first appeared here last year as May rolled in… Read More

Learning how to stop

We played this crazy game as kids. We would stand on the edge of the cul de sac with our toes in the grass, fling our arms wide with abandon, tip our faces skyward and spin around and around as fast as we could go.  It’s been… Read More

Where do you think you are going in those shoes?

Twenty- one years ago this week, I met the boy who would become my husband. On a blind date. While wearing tennis shoes. Yeah. I was a real fashionista. And as my sweet husband relishes in reminding me, it was… Read More

When you want to pray for greener grass

I have a lot of friends who are traveling right now.  I am hiding behind the closed bathroom door returning some texts when I realize this. “Will you pray?” my screen full of messages asks me. Friends headed off on mission trips,… Read More

When Faith Falls Down

It falls down a hundred times a day. This picture and these words of scripture. It seems it hangs too closely to my front door. Or maybe not? Because isn’t it always God’s word that we need right in our faces before we walk out the door?

Everything I need to know I learned at Vacation Bible School

My first memories of Vacation Bible School have to do with juice and goldfish. The juice that came in a metal can and had to be opened with something my mom referred to as a “church key”?

What do you love?

“What do you love the most of anything?” my youngest is shivering in the early evening summer shadows. Swimming pool wet and popsicle mustached, he pulls his towel close and this question pops right out. He doesn’t wait for me… Read More