For those of us with Perfect Plans

DSC_0133The little chalkboard in our kitchen tells me that there are 4 days of school left. 4 days! People are excited around here. Leaping, jumping, hollering kind of excited. And me, too. I think? Because  the end of math worksheets, vocabulary sentences and countries of Africa to remember is in sight!  And no more panicked calls for lunch money or forgotten gym clothes. Yes! Bring on summertime! Read More

The Things I Forget to Remember

DSC_0120I have three boys. If you are from the south, this is where you bless my heart. Otherwise, you just ask me about my grocery bill. Because yes, I need my heart blessed, and yes I spend most of my free time at the grocery store. With three boys and a husband, food is important around here. And we run out of stuff all the time. So, my people are always making these lists of things we need. Now, I know that they are trying to be helpful.

But, I just don’t do lists. Mostly because when I rush out the door to the store, I manage to leave these lists – somewhere??  So, I am adopting a new grocery store strategy. No. More. Lists. It is revolutionary, really. You just go to the store and buy what you need. Simple. Easy. Fool – proof.

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Some Words for the Month of May and Endings

DSC_0103We’ve been doing this all year. The list of words and the sentences that need to be written. The first grader curled up on his legs in the space of his little homework desk. Frustrated, anxious and hopeful that I will just give him all the answers and end the ‘sight word sentence writing torture’. But I am resilient. I do not write 1st grade sight word sentences. Even in the face of tears and pleading and sweet little neighbor faces waiting at the front door to play. I do not write 1st grade sight word sentences. And he knows this. Yet, he is sly, this little one of mine.

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Right Here?

The kitchen table. There is no place quite like it. And just so you know- that picture up there is my actual kitchen table – the one with the syrup rings,  the dirty napkins and the waffle crumbs. It looks cleaner in black and white, just FYI. This is the place where real life happens at my house. Right here. This is where it all goes down. Where milk is spilled, laughter is loud, tears are sometimes louder, crazy stories are told, bills are paid, arguments are had and hard lessons are learned.

To be honest, I googled “kitchen table images” in hopes of finding a nice one to go with this post – and there were some awesome images. But I felt a little weird inviting you in and then faking you out with a pretend kitchen table. So, here you go; the real thing. You’re welcome. Read More