What Would Jesus Do?

DSC_0913This week it is Snapchat. Please, mom, please can I get it on my phone? Everyone has it. Please mom. This teenager of mine is nothing if not persistent. And he knows I have no good answer. He senses the wavering of my uncertainty.

Why are there always so many decisions to make as a parent? Read More

For When The Work gets Hard

DSC_0890We’ve been in school two weeks here in the southern suburbs. Two weeks, people! And the whining has already begun. We’ve already lost a notebook, cried over a book report and had a melt-down over the fact that we have to memorize all of the prepositions that exist in the whole world???? Read More

This Prayer For Your Back To School Week

DSC_0849They are heading back, Lord, our little (or not so little anymore) people. Back to hallways, desks, math, writing assignments, lockers and playgrounds. They are lacing up their brand new sneakers, strapping on their heavy backpacks and walking right out creaky old doors into their new years. And I make the peanut butter sandwiches, fill the water bottles and suggest that maybe we should comb some hair, but Lord it feels all out of my control now. Read More

It’s All About How You Fall

DSC_0627Everyone stands somewhere. Even if we sometimes don’t know where we are standing … because we’ve never give it any attention. But there we are, nonetheless, standing somewhere” (Piper 21). John Piper writes these words in his book A Peculiar Glory. It is a book about how God reveals his glory through Scripture, and it has captivated me these past few weeks. These particular words about standing popped into my head as I stood in the pounding surf and attempted to photograph my boys and their cousins learning to paddle board. Standing somewhere was a very important theme that day. And so was falling. Read More

When Faith Falls Down

DSC_0528It falls down a hundred times a day. This picture and these words of scripture. It seems it hangs too closely to my front door. Or maybe not? Because isn’t it always God’s word that we need right in our faces before we walk out the door?

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Standing still … and dancing

DSC_0267I was a senior in college the first time I realized that standing still was not my gift. And recently as the frantic pace of this summer has caught up with me, the memory of this long ago lesson painted itself into my mind. Read More

Everything I need to know I learned at Vacation Bible School

IMG_0962My first memories of Vacation Bible School have to do with juice and goldfish. The juice that came in a metal can and had to be opened with something my mom referred to as a “church key”? Read More

What to do with our kids’ questions this week

DSC_0340The world seems to be breaking right apart this week. It is horrifying and overwhelming. And when my 11 year old son sits down to breakfast, his frozen waffles smeared with peanut butter, he scans over the front page of the newspaper; stories of death and devastation making their way right into our kitchen, and he fires off this question, “Why, mom? Why does God let these awful things happen?” I nearly stop breathing.

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Do you know how to turn this thing around?

DSC_0278They waited all week for that kayak. The one we had promised to rent while on vacation. The one that, yes, they would be allowed to take out by themselves. Their dad said that, not me. I get seasick just looking at the waves for too long; so this was his gig. Finally, the boat was delivered and carried to the beach. The little one’s life vest was buckled tight and everyone told where to hold on.

“And if anyone falls out, you help get them back in,” my husband instructed the older one who is bigger and stronger than me now. He nodded and we ducked as they waved the oars around in excitement. “Let us go! Push us out! We’ll be fine!” They insisted. We pushed, still trying to holler instructions and they paddled hard, whacking the sand in the shallow water. And then, off they went into the glistening emerald green waters. Read More

What do you love?

IMG_0237“What do you love the most of anything?” my youngest is shivering in the early evening summer shadows. Swimming pool wet and popsicle mustached, he pulls his towel close and this question pops right out. He doesn’t wait for me to answer. This kid talks as fast as he thinks. “I love the pool and cannonballs the most of anything.” He’s dancing around trying to get warm as one of his brothers shoots a water gun his direction.

“You love this pool more than mom?” a brother questions. “That’s crazy!”

The little one looks concerned and draws in close; chattering teeth and dripping wet little body right next to mine. Chlorine, sunscreen and cherry popsicle all mingle together in the air as he leans in to kiss me. “I love you most too. It’s just I can’t do a cannonball onto you. And cannonballs are awesome!”

So, we are just a few days into summer and apparently I rank right up there with the pool as things my 7 year old loves “the most of anything”. I’ll just consider that a victory for today!

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