Learning how to stop

We played this crazy game as kids. We would stand on the edge of the cul de sac with our toes in the grass, fling our arms wide with abandon, tip our faces skyward and spin around and around as fast as we could go.  It’s been decades, but this week that weird game has been on replay in my head; the cold of the grass blades between my toes, the swirl of the street, the houses, and the towering pine trees blurring before my twirling eyes. Round and round we would go; amazed at the way our world upended itself with each spin. But then someone would yell STOP! And we were supposed to cease spinning and  just fall down. I never could get that part right. I could spin with the best of them, but I was terrible at stopping.  Read More

Finding a Seat For Easter

So excited to have the opportunity to share my words over at  the (in)courage community today. It is an honor to be able to write on their site this Holy Week.

We have to go move the chairs. It’s Easter — the holiday of moving chairs . . . and talking about Jesus,” my youngest explains to his friend as I herd my kids into the car. “What?” I ask, thinking that there are a thousand other ways to talk about the highest holy day on the church calendar. Moving chairs? “Yeah, mom,” he answers grinning. “Jesus comes back to life; so we have to go move all the chairs!” …. Click Here to keep reading.


When it becomes clear you need a break

I am terrible at taking breaks. I can plow through the work in front of me for hours on end without ever stopping to look up. I will forget to eat lunch, forget to take a drink of water, forget to pause and take a breath, forget that I have children who need to be fed and kept from attempting to ride their bikes over fences. I will only see the work. The ticking of the clock and the constant whir of my spinning brain will drown out everything around me. Take a break? What’s that? Read More

The way through the storm

We never even saw it coming. Our car full of friends, mixed tapes and rumpled snack food bags was headed out of town for the weekend; bursting at the seams with laughter and luggage. It had begun to get dark when we left, but we were college kids; invincible and unworried. So we piled in and hit the road without so much as a glance at the sky.  And that storm came at us out of nowhere. Read More

When you are looking for the light

It all started with the fork that someone stuck in the garbage disposal. I flipped the switch before I saw it and the result was not awesome. The mangled piece of silverware was beyond repair. And as I tried to dig the pieces out of the disposal, the washing machine began to sound like a rocket ship landing in the kitchen. I tossed the fork aside. I had hardly fixed the lopsided machine when a kid wandered in anxious for dinner and a ride to youth group. Dinner!?! He was followed by another kid who needed help with a mysterious project that had no directions. And a third who was crying about a cul de sac baseball game. Suddenly, I was having a day.
Read More

Giving it all up for Lent?

Nutella, homework, water, long pants, broccoli; just a few of the “what I’m giving up for Lent” suggestions that my boys have been tossing around lately. You can see that we are clearly making an impact with our religious teaching over here … such sacrifice. It sure will be tough giving up  broccoli for Lent! Read More

For when you are in-between

It’s February, right? The month of roses, cupid, Valentine hearts and cold winter wind? February. Here in the South, though, the dogwoods are blooming, the sun is shining, I’m wearing flip flops and the boys are already whining about the heat. Seriously? Spring appears to have sprung in February. And we suddenly find ourselves in between seasons. But. I’ve lived here long enough not to trust it. Appearances can be deceiving and there is no clearer example of that than the weather in Georgia. It could snow tomorrow. Read More

Where do you think you are going in those shoes?

Twenty- one years ago this week, I met the boy who would become my husband. On a blind date. While wearing tennis shoes.

Yeah. I was a real fashionista. And as my sweet husband relishes in reminding me, it was not a tennis shoe worthy kind of date. It involved dinner. At a restaurant. Most people there were not wearing tennis shoes. Read More

How to stop being the holder of all the things

In our family, I have a very special and coveted title. I am the holder of all the things: the discarded sweatshirts, the muddy shoes, the unneeded hats, the random rocks, precious leaves, pre-chewed gum, tiny little reward stars, water bottles, tissues, backpacks. There is no limit to what I can hold. It is my super power. I can hold things. Read More

Knocking on doors that won’t open and seeking answers

Knocking on doors is a favorite activity in our neck of the woods. We live in a neighborhood packed full of active little adventure seeking boys. And every afternoon my youngest hardly finishes the last word of his daily reading assignment before he announces, “Hey, mom! I’m going to knock on doors!” Read More

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