Giving it all up for Lent?

Nutella, homework, water, long pants, broccoli; just a few of the “what I’m giving up for Lent” suggestions that my boys have been tossing around lately. You can see that we are clearly making an impact with our religious teaching over here … such sacrifice. It sure will be tough giving up  broccoli for Lent! Read More

For when you are in-between

It’s February, right? The month of roses, cupid, Valentine hearts and cold winter wind? February. Here in the South, though, the dogwoods are blooming, the sun is shining, I’m wearing flip flops and the boys are already whining about the heat. Seriously? Spring appears to have sprung in February. And we suddenly find ourselves in between seasons. But. I’ve lived here long enough not to trust it. Appearances can be deceiving and there is no clearer example of that than the weather in Georgia. It could snow tomorrow. Read More

Where do you think you are going in those shoes?

Twenty- one years ago this week, I met the boy who would become my husband. On a blind date. While wearing tennis shoes.

Yeah. I was a real fashionista. And as my sweet husband relishes in reminding me, it was not a tennis shoe worthy kind of date. It involved dinner. At a restaurant. Most people there were not wearing tennis shoes. Read More

How to stop being the holder of all the things

In our family, I have a very special and coveted title. I am the holder of all the things: the discarded sweatshirts, the muddy shoes, the unneeded hats, the random rocks, precious leaves, pre-chewed gum, tiny little reward stars, water bottles, tissues, backpacks. There is no limit to what I can hold. It is my super power. I can hold things. Read More

Knocking on doors that won’t open and seeking answers

Knocking on doors is a favorite activity in our neck of the woods. We live in a neighborhood packed full of active little adventure seeking boys. And every afternoon my youngest hardly finishes the last word of his daily reading assignment before he announces, “Hey, mom! I’m going to knock on doors!” Read More

A prayer for this Inauguration Day

It seems that history will be made today.  Since 1937 and the inauguration of President Roosevelt, January 20th has stood on the calendar as the time when power changes hands here in these United States of America. It is Inauguration Day. And because we live in “the land of the free and the brave”, a country where men and women have died protecting our right to freedom of speech, we can openly say how we feel about this day, January 20, 2017.

And we have. Read More

When you want to pray for greener grass

I have a lot of friends who are traveling right now.  I am hiding behind the closed bathroom door returning some texts when I realize this. “Will you pray?” my screen full of messages asks me. Friends headed off on mission trips, work events and even vacations have reached out to update me. “Will you pray for all the things?” one text requests. And sitting cross-legged on my bathroom floor, I assure them all that yes, yes I will pray. Read More

New Year. New Word. Come and see.

I have worn glasses since high school and that Human Phys. class where the teacher perplexed me with all of his blurry diagrams on the chalk board. I thought it was just me. Science isn’t really my thing. But, it turns out that being able to see the notes on the board can make science a whole lot easier. In fact, being able to see has a way of making all of life a little easier. Read More

Why I need a word for this New Year

2016 is down to its last few hours. And some folks are quite happy about this, according to my Facebook newsfeed. The death, destruction and chaos that have dominated the news cycles lately seem to have everyone running headlong into 2017 with the hope that it will be different.  And it might be.  A new year always dawns with hopeful possibilities laying out in front of our eyes like freshly fallen snow. But. I need a minute. I need a minute with 2016 before stepping forward into this new year. A minute to turn away from the news reels and the pundits’ predictions and to look at the path left by my own footprints. I need to see the goodness and the sorrow of this year all wrapped up together; to see where I have been before I cast my eyes on where we are going. Read More

On Christmas Eve — the final piece in our Advent series

It’s looking a lot like this around here today. Christmas Eve and I can’t even find my desk. There are still gifts to be wrapped and children whining about not having anything to do (are you kidding me?). There are shirts that need ironing and church services to prepare for and food for tomorrow that needs cooking and…. my hands are shaking just typing all of this. It is Christmas Eve for goodness sake! Read More

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