On my bookshelf

I love books! Over the years, God has used so many amazing books to speak to my heart and to turn my eyes toward him. I am not sure there is enough room on this page to list them all. So I will just go with a few that hold sacred space on my bookshelf and the ones that I’m reading at the moment.


  All the Places You’ll Go, John Orberg. This book about open doors and God’s desire to lead us in paths that point us back to him, is one of my favorites by Ortberg. It is probably intended to be read by those facing change and challenges or those in the midst of making life-altering decisions. But, I read it in the middle of being stuck in ordinary time and it opened doors in my heart that drew me closer to Jesus. It is a must read at any point in your life.


 Simply Tuesday, Emily Freeman. I love Emily Freeman. She is a good girl after my own heart. Her book Simply Tuesday made me laugh and cry- sometimes all on the same page. She reminded me that my soul needs space to breathe and that Jesus showing up in the middle of my simple Tuesday might not always look like I think it should. The scriptures that she references in this book spoke volumes to me, lost in the ordinary pull of the days. And her reminder that we need community in order to live out life the way God intended us too made my heart happy. Simply put, this book helped me see each one of my days differently.  


  If, Mark Batterson. I have read all of Batterson’s books and found truths in each one of them that stuck with me. He has a way of putting ethereal, hard to understand concepts into everyday English that translate into real life. “Just as more of the Holy Spirit is the answer to every prayer, I believe that the solution to every problem is found in the presence of God” (Batterson 147). Yes! I believe that too! I just never knew how to articulate it until I read this book. The whole book is like that. Truths you know spoken in ways you can get. A great read!

*** I would love to know what you are reading! Send me a message and let me know! I am always looking for good books***