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Because, No. We are not there yet.

“Are we there yet?”  The most famous question of the summer. My kids ask this on a 5 minute drive to Target; so you can imagine a road trip in our car. And usually I begin the trip by kindly answering their questions, giving them a sign… Read More

The way through the storm

We never even saw it coming. Our car full of friends, mixed tapes and rumpled snack food bags was headed out of town for the weekend; bursting at the seams with laughter and luggage. It had begun to get dark when we left, but… Read More

New Year. New Word. Come and see.

I have worn glasses since high school and that Human Phys. class where the teacher perplexed me with all of his blurry diagrams on the chalk board. I thought it was just me. Science isn’t really my thing. But, it turns out that being able to… Read More