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So this is May

** I’ve been writing in this space for a year now! And it is strange how much has changed in the past 365 days. Probably true for you as well? This post first appeared here last year as May rolled in… Read More

For When The Work gets Hard

We’ve been in school two weeks here in the southern suburbs. Two weeks, people! And the whining has already begun. We’ve already lost a notebook, cried over a book report and had a melt-down over the fact that… Read More

This Prayer For Your Back To School Week

They are heading back, Lord, our little (or not so little anymore) people. Back to hallways, desks, math, writing assignments, lockers and playgrounds. They are lacing up their brand new sneakers, strapping on their heavy backpacks and walking right… Read More

Some Words for the Month of May and Endings

We’ve been doing this all year. The list of words and the sentences that need to be written. The first grader curled up on his legs in the space of his little homework desk. Frustrated, anxious and hopeful… Read More

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