Category: perfectionism

A prayer for the wrong day

I had the wrong day. All day. There are weeks where Wednesday and Thursday are somewhat interchangeable. But this was not one of them. I sent the wrong kid to school with a note to stay after on… Read More

When life is like a pile of Legos

Please tell me that you have one of these piles at your house too? I banned screen time  last week because I say things I don’t mean and then am forced to follow through with them. So this has been my reward. Legos, multiplying on… Read More

When you are looking for the light

It all started with the fork that someone stuck in the garbage disposal. I flipped the switch before I saw it and the result was not awesome. The mangled piece of silverware was beyond repair. And as I tried… Read More

Doing the Dishes

It’s looking a lot like this around here this morning. There’s not a clean knife to be found and the boys nearly had to share the same cup at breakfast. And yes, we do have  dishwasher — this magical… Read More

What Would Jesus Do?

This week it is Snapchat. Please, mom, please can I get it on my phone? Everyone has it. Please mom. This teenager of mine is nothing if not persistent. And he knows I have no good answer. He… Read More

For When The Work gets Hard

We’ve been in school two weeks here in the southern suburbs. Two weeks, people! And the whining has already begun. We’ve already lost a notebook, cried over a book report and had a melt-down over the fact that… Read More

This Prayer For Your Back To School Week

They are heading back, Lord, our little (or not so little anymore) people. Back to hallways, desks, math, writing assignments, lockers and playgrounds. They are lacing up their brand new sneakers, strapping on their heavy backpacks and walking right… Read More

When Faith Falls Down

It falls down a hundred times a day. This picture and these words of scripture. It seems it hangs too closely to my front door. Or maybe not? Because isn’t it always God’s word that we need right in our faces before we walk out the door?

For those of us with Perfect Plans

The little chalkboard in our kitchen tells me that there are 4 days of school left. 4 days! People are excited around here. Leaping, jumping, hollering kind of excited. And me, too. I think? Because  the end of… Read More

Right Here?

The kitchen table. There is no place quite like it. And just so you know- that picture up there is my actual kitchen table – the one with the syrup rings,  the dirty napkins and the waffle crumbs. It looks cleaner in black… Read More