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The music of Hope – First in our Advent Series

A missing tuxedo shirt, black pants that suddenly seem to have shrunk,  and a cello banging around in the back of my van with the basketballs can only mean one thing. It is concert season! Holidays here we… Read More

How to use a compass

Orienteering. I just had to Google that word to make sure I was using it correctly. It involves reading a map and using numbers, in the woods on unknown paths. Yeah. My brain is missing the neurons it… Read More

On being salt and light and why it matters

I’ve read so many words about the riots in Charlottesville this past weekend. I’ve read words of haters and ones claiming that love wins; sad words and outraged ones. I’ve seen friends’ words unravel years of friendship in comment threads on social… Read More

Knocking on doors that won’t open and seeking answers

Knocking on doors is a favorite activity in our neck of the woods. We live in a neighborhood packed full of active little adventure seeking boys. And every afternoon my youngest hardly finishes the last word of his daily reading assignment… Read More

A prayer for this Inauguration Day

It seems that history will be made today.  Since 1937 and the inauguration of President Roosevelt, January 20th has stood on the calendar as the time when power changes hands here in these United States of America. It is Inauguration Day. And… Read More

Seeking love — the third in our Advent series

It won’t be much longer now. The days are ticking off the calendar at  a rapid-fire kind of speed. My boys rejoice as we light the third candle and the store clerk at Walmart sends me into a full on… Read More

Stepping into new things

He wants to try a new sport, this routine loving boy of mine. The basketball court has been his second home for so many seasons that we’ve lost count. But not this winter, he tells us. Wrestling. He… Read More

Because sometimes you need to remember

“Hey, Mom! You know it’s been almost 20 years since you went to school here, right?!” my oldest bellows his discovery across the breadth of the rambling porch at my college sorority house. There is a young sister… Read More

How to drink your Gatorade

This time of year in the South we are all waiting. Waiting with visions of crisp cool breezes, rustling leaves, apples, campfires and all things pumpkin dancing behind our eyelids. Waiting for the heat, which excited us with… Read More

On Making U-Turns

I have absolutely no sense of direction. None. But I like to pretend that I do. You see, I still live in the same city where I grew up; so I think that I know my way around. But I… Read More