Category: grace

Walk much?

I am not an athlete. Never have been. I can fall down standing still; and have no desire to beat anyone at anything. These are not positive attributes when it comes to sports. Somehow, though, in college, I… Read More

To the lady who gave me peanut butter and grace at Walmart

Peanut butter. I just needed peanut butter. And a few more hours in the day, but Walmart was all out of those. So I settle for peanut butter. Feeling overwhelmed by the never ending race against the ticking clock,… Read More

For when you just don’t know what to be

“A zombie with blood dripping out of my eyeballs! Will that work? Can I be that? Or what about the guy with the chainsaw?” this boy goes on and on with his lists of possible costumes as we… Read More

It’s All About How You Fall

“Everyone stands somewhere. Even if we sometimes don’t know where we are standing … because we’ve never give it any attention. But there we are, nonetheless, standing somewhere” (Piper 21). John Piper writes these words in his book A Peculiar Glory…. Read More

What do you love?

“What do you love the most of anything?” my youngest is shivering in the early evening summer shadows. Swimming pool wet and popsicle mustached, he pulls his towel close and this question pops right out. He doesn’t wait for me… Read More

For those of us with Perfect Plans

The little chalkboard in our kitchen tells me that there are 4 days of school left. 4 days! People are excited around here. Leaping, jumping, hollering kind of excited. And me, too. I think? Because  the end of… Read More

Some Words for the Month of May and Endings

We’ve been doing this all year. The list of words and the sentences that need to be written. The first grader curled up on his legs in the space of his little homework desk. Frustrated, anxious and hopeful… Read More