Category: Advent

On Christmas Eve — the final piece in our Advent series

It’s looking a lot like this around here today. Christmas Eve and I can’t even find my desk. There are still gifts to be wrapped and children whining about not having anything to do (are you kidding me?)…. Read More

The Truth about Joy — the Fourth in our Advent Series

The joy candle is broken. You can see it up there in the picture. And I keep forgetting to buy a new one. As if a trip to the store could simply replace the broken joy. I believe it… Read More

Seeking love — the third in our Advent series

It won’t be much longer now. The days are ticking off the calendar at  a rapid-fire kind of speed. My boys rejoice as we light the third candle and the store clerk at Walmart sends me into a full on… Read More

Seeking Peace — the second in our Advent series

The second Sunday in Advent blows in cold and rainy here in the South. And it seems that the sun never quite wakes up as we gather in the sanctuary; cold rain beating hard on the roof and near darkness… Read More

Seeking Hope — the first in a series of Advent posts

Advent is defined as this season of ‘expectant waiting and preparation for Jesus’ birth’, for the coming of Christmas. Makes it sound holy, quiet and serene, doesn’t it? But really? Really, we are entering  a season of crazy, busy doing. Anybody with… Read More

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