About Leigh

DSC_0914 (3)Hi, I’m Leigh. Or Patrick’s mom, or Carter’s mom or Wesley’s mom or Aunt Leigh or Ms. Leigh or Andrew’s wife or Mrs. Sain. Yeah, half the time I don’t know my own name! But that’s ok. I love it. I love being many things to many different people. I love the way that life is muddled and confusing, glorious and amazing all in the same moment. I am good with being in the spin of it. Until I am not. Until I start to forget who I am or what the point of it all is anyway. Until I get lost in the ordinary overwhelming pace of these days and realize that I  can’t catch my breath.

It is in those times that I notice how I am racing through these days like there is a prize to be won for doing life the best. A prize that seems just out of my reach.

I live in the safety of the southern suburbs where I have spent nearly all of my life. And it is good here. My husband and I are raising our three boys, planting our roots deep,  trying to love Jesus and our neighbors and learn that there is beauty in this normal, ordinary life. But it is fast. Head turning, sights blurring, wind rushing kind of fast. And sometimes, I feel myself slipping.

Maybe you have felt it too? Like  if you could just catch up even a little bit then, then you would finally have time to  slow down and think? Yeah, I know. That never happens.

You see, here’s the thing. I believe what Jesus said to his disciples on that mountain over 2000 years ago. “And surely, I am with you always even to the ends of the earth“(Matthew 28:20).  And I believe that promise wasn’t just for those 12 disciples, but for us, too. In our right now. In our ordinary days. I believe in the presence of the holy one with us.  But I don’t really live like I believe that. Most of the time, I live like I have it all figured out. And I miss him. I miss Jesus with me.

I miss him because I am so busy trying to get it all done. I don’t want to do that. I want these ordinary moments to be holy because I learn to see him in them; not because I perfect the doing of this life.  I want to learn how to stop and see.

So welcome in. I hope you will walk along with me. My prayer is that you will be encouraged by what you read here, and that together, we can start to understand  what it means to really “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). Even right in the middle of our ordinary days…These are the lovely people who spend these ordinary days with me. I couldn’t be more grateful. Patrick (14), Carter (12), Wesley (8) and my sweet husband Andrew, who would probably rather I didn’t list his age.