On being salt and light and why it matters

I’ve read so many words about the riots in Charlottesville this past weekend. I’ve read words of haters and ones claiming that love wins; sad words and outraged ones. I’ve seen friends’ words unravel years of friendship in comment threads on social media; watched leaders stand and lead well into the face of this tragedy while others falter and ignore the evil staring us all in the eye. And you have too, I am sure. And so on this Tuesday with the world feeling a bit like it is tilted in the wrong direction, what are we to do with it all? Read More

How Yes and No stack up to build our lives

Yes? No? Maybe? Every year I struggle with these words. Every. Year. And it isn’t like I don’t see it coming. As soon as we trade the sand and the sun of summer for the backpacks and pencils of a new school year, I have learned to expect it. Maybe you, too?

Hey, Leigh, I need to ask if you can help with _____? Can we count on you to be a part of ______? Are you still willing to lead _______?

Those emails, calls and texts asking for help, leadership, service.  They stack up in my inbox, my brain, my heart. And man, how I want to get the answers right. Read More

What I need to remember on this back to school day

The little one is a bit scared; the older one kinda nervous and the middle one’s just plain mad. But like it or not; here we go again. It is Back to School Day here in the southern suburbs. It feels like we just did this. Or like we should be packing up to head to the pool; not the bus. The calendar still says July?!? But nonetheless it’s backpacks and peanut butter and jelly this morning. Read More

Because, No. We are not there yet.

Are we there yet?”  The most famous question of the summer. My kids ask this on a 5 minute drive to Target; so you can imagine a road trip in our car. And usually I begin the trip by kindly answering their questions, giving them a sign to look for, or at least being pleasant. But by the end? Pleasant gets thrown right out the window. Does it look like we are there? We are still on the highway, the car has not stopped; so therefore WE ARE NOT THERE YET! Yeah. Mom of the Year, right here. Read More

When life is like a pile of Legos

Please tell me that you have one of these piles at your house too? I banned screen time  last week because I say things I don’t mean and then am forced to follow through with them. So this has been my reward. Legos, multiplying on their own. I herd the little one into the playroom this morning and insist. CLEAN. UP. NOW. OR ELSE. Behavior management at its finest. Read More

Everything I need to know I learned at Vacation Bible School

We’re back at it again this year and I needed this reminder! Prayers for all those Bible Schools out there as we spread the love of Jesus this summer …

Everything I need to know I learned at Vacation Bible School

On being a friend and having a friend

There is no greater gift in life than the gift of a friend. I was six when I first got this. Six years old, and ridiculously shy. Friends were not my thing. I struggled to navigate school without actually having to talk and spent many of my days terrified that someone would look at me. I followed all the rules, all the time in hopes of never being noticed. And most days it worked. Until it didn’t. Read More

Jumping into summer

I didn’t realize how fast it would go. This year, these days, this time. I guess it happens with the change of every season, but I feel the pull of time a little more this year. The books have been collected, the notebooks trashed, the concerts played, the programs performed and here we stand on the edge of another summer. The kids pull out their swim suits and no one has one that fits. Didn’t we just buy new ones?  And there’s that feeling again, the one of being two steps behind. Read More

God made a boy — or, what I need to remember this mother’s day

This is for the ones who call me mom. The ones who make me laugh, cry, love, worry, clean, scream, clean some more and feel all the things, all the time. For 14 years, I have wondered what was God  thinking when he created these boy creatures and decided I could handle 3 of them?! This might not be how it actually happened. But I imagine that it went something like this … Read More

So this is May

** I’ve been writing in this space for a year now! And it is strange how much has changed in the past 365 days. Probably true for you as well? This post first appeared here last year as May rolled in and so many things were ending and beginning in my life. And now as the beauty of the month of May is filling in the world around us once again, bringing its crazy schedules with it, I find that I need these same reminders.  Maybe you too? So I’m reposting this for all of us as we take a deep breath and walk into this new season.** Read More

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